Wascally Wabbits

I need some advice from the gardening gurus out there.

I have planted vining Blue lLke green beans. Those dog gone rabbits keep eating the leaves off, so the plants are not growing like they should be. I have sprayed the plants with soapy water, garlic spray, and cayenne pepper. I have also posted the plastic forks which have worked well with all of my other plants. For some reason, none of these things is working with my vining beans.

Does anyone have any other great ideas?    Garden Granny


Wascally Wabbits Beware!


Yes, my friends: That is exactly what you think it is… FORKS FORKS and more FORKS! Last year, I complained that when I had plants come up or planted new plants in the lettuce or cabbage families, the rabbits would eat the leaves to the ground. Someone told me to crush up some mothballs and put them in the garden, and Joila! The rabbits didn’t like it… until it rained a few times. This year, a friend of the family told me that she wanted me to try planting cheap, plastic forks around the plants… a sort of experiment.

I have no idea what the forks do. What I do know is that it works! I have not seen one eaten leaf, but every night I see the rabbits hopping around in the garden. Do you think they get their little eyes poked or something? If so, it could be a classic case of Pavlov experimentation all over again. If they get poked enough, they won’t try any more! (Not sure who Pavlov is? Just Google ‘Pavlov’s dogs’).

What ever the case may be, I am one happy camper. Now, I need some non-toxic, non-chemical, non-taste-changing ways to take care of other pests (spiders, slugs, certain insects, weeds, kids eating all of the fruit…..). So, Take THAT You wascally wabbit… Stop eating my garden produce!