Ketchup & Fries Plant Update

I thought you might like to see the progress our ketchup and fries plant is making. The plant is about double the size it was when I showed it to you, previously. It’sbeautiful and healthy, filled with flowers and some cherry-sized tomatoes.


We won’t be looking at the roots for potatoes until Autumn, but I can tell you that the tomatoes that I have eaten from this plant, so far, are very tasty and acidic. I can’t wait to share if we actually get potatoes or not, this Fall! Stay tuned!


Ketchup and Fries Plant!


I wanted to share this plant with you. I wanted to try this and will keep you posted on its progress. This is a ketchup and fries plant. It was created by grafting a potato plant on the bottom and a tomato plant on the top. Supposedly (can you hear my skepticism?)… the potatoes are supposed to grow down into the pot and the tomatoes will grow above ground. I am skeptical, because when I grow potatoes, I have to continually pile straw or compost up the stem as they grow up, since potatoes grown on the stems, not the roots. This will be interesting to see for sure… More later!