Blackberry Bounty

Blackberry Overload

I wanted to share my blackberry brambles with you, this evening. Today, I was able to pick a handful of the lucious, fruit which is just barely starting to ripen. We started this blackberry bed three years ago with two small plants, and today, the entire side of the garage is covered with beautiful, thornless blackberry plants.

blackberry 3

I think this year, we will have a bumper crop. Since blackberries grow on second year growth, We have been cognizant of the number of new stems which are being produced, and I predict that next year’s crop will be even better.

Blackberry size

You can see by the size of the first berries we harvested that these berries will be large and juicy when they become ripe. Last year, I was only able to use about half of the berries that our brambles produced, because they are the favorite snack of my grandson. As I picked the berries, he ate them right out of the bowl. Even with that loss of crop, I still was able to make four pies, half a dozen jars of jam, and 3 gallons of juice. I froze the juice and when I had more time, I used it to make jelly and syrup (both pancake and dessert syrups). From the looks of things, I believe we will have at least double what we got last year! I will keep you posted!


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