Hummingbirds in the Garden


There is nothing like the humming vibration of the little wings of a hummingbird whisking past your head during a hot summer in Indiana. Three types of the little guys are often seen here, the Rufous, Ruby-throated, and Black-chinned hummingbirds. In my garden, I see a Black-chinned hummingbird on a daily basis, and occasionally, a Ruby-throated hummingbird. Since they tend to travel the same path, each day when they feed, I can imagine that the Ruby-throated hummingbird comes more often than I get to see.

It seems like hummingbirds have diminished in the past few years. I put out several types of hummingbird feeders to supplement the plants I grow for them. Soon, I will be finishing a large raised flower bed around the deck in the front of my house and filling it with plants which I know the little hummers love in order to ensure they have all they need in the local area. I want to ensure they come back, every year.

Last year, I had a little surprise. As I was opening one of my hummingbird feeders in order to fill it, one of the little guys sat right on my finger and tried to gather his nectar from the little, red plastic flowers. My heart jumped as I realized that he was not afraid of sitting there. I stood completely still in an attempt to prolong the circumstance. Afterward, the same bird did a little fly-by, stopping to look at me, every day until the last frost. This Spring, when the feeder was empty, a hummingbird which looked exactly the same, flew to the front door and hovered, as if he was looking in the window, trying to find out why I didn’t leave him enough nectar. As you can imagine, I immediately found my stash of feeders (5 of them), cleaned them, filled them, and put them out for my little humming friends to enjoy.


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